3 Signs Your Wood Deck Needs Replacement

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There’s no better way to spend a summer afternoon than lounging on your deck with friends and family. Yet this fun can come to a screeching halt if wear and tear makes your deck unsafe. Between rot, infestation, and exposure to the elements, wood decks can’t last forever. So, watch for indicators that you must hire a deck company to replace your favorite outdoor feature. 

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Below, we explore the foremost signs you need a new deck: 

1. Widespread Rot 

Wooden decks rot due to two main culprits: moisture exposure and fungal growth. When water lingers on a deck’s surface or seeps into cracks, it creates a breeding ground for fungi. These organisms eat at and weaken the structural integrity of your deck. Furthermore, rot generally becomes apparent after its damage is too widespread for repairs to address its effects. 

2. Evidence of Pests

Hollowed-out boards, visible tunnels, and crumbling structural elements all point to a destructive insect infestation. While cases of isolated damage are treatable, extensive infestations present too great a hazard for simple repairs to correct. 

For example, termites and carpenter ants tunnel through wood, even creating paths through deck beams and supports. Such weakened areas lose sturdiness and become vulnerable to collapse. However, installing a brand-new composite deck removes weak structural elements and replaces vulnerable materials with pest- and termite-resistant components

3. More Patch Than Deck

experienced deck company

Finally, consider replacing your deck if it seems to have more repair parts than original wood. Constant patching and tinkering will become a losing battle and ultimately come at a greater expense than the cost of deck replacement

TrexPro® composite decks are the best replacement option for long-term value and peace of mind. Trex® composite planks are an industry-leading material that requires minimal maintenance. They are resistant to rot, warp, and scratches. Moreover, Trex® decks come in a variety of colors and styles so that you can customize yours to your home. 

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