Can Vinyl Fencing Be Washed?

Can Vinyl Fencing Be Washed Homeowners who need a new fence for their yard but don’t want to be burdened by heavy maintenance will typically choose vinyl fencing over wood fencing. In fact, vinyl fencing never needs to be sanded or painted, making it an attractive option for low-maintenance yards. However, every fence will get dirty. Can vinyl fencing be washed?

Vinyl Fencing Is Very Easy to Clean

The short answer is yes. Indeed, its easy-to-clean properties are another reason why vinyl fencing is so popular among homeowners. There are two keys ways to wash your vinyl fence:

Light Cleaning

If your vinyl fence got dirty from a recent rain or from clippings shooting out of your lawn mower, you’ll find that simply spraying it off with the garden hose is all it takes to make it look like new.

Heavy Cleaning

It may be that dirt and grime has had time to set in and will stubbornly resist being washed away with the garden hose. In this case, create a soft cleaning agent by mixing water with dish soap or vinegar. Scrubbing with this mild solution should be enough to restore the luster of your vinyl fence.

How NOT to Clean Your Vinyl Fence

Though it may be tempting to use bleach, especially if your vinyl fence is white, it’s best to avoid this cleaning agent. Bleach can degrade the vinyl material, not to mention harm your lawn and plants. You’ll also want to avoid using any abrasive pads or brushes on a vinyl fence as these can scratch the material.

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