Elegant Red Cedar Fencing for Your Home or Business in Ashburn, VA

Charming red cedar fence surrounding a green back yard in VA

Red cedar fencing is a popular option for many reasons—not only is it elegant and beautiful, but it also boasts natural strength and durability. That’s why Builders Fence Company is proud to offer red cedar fencing installations for homes and businesses throughout Ashburn, Virginia, and beyond.

Strength to Withstand the Elements

Red cedar fencing is harvested from mature trees that have had the chance to grow tough. This makes it one of the strongest fencing options available. You can depend on your red cedar fence to stand up to impacts, high winds, and other concerns. Plus, it’s an environmentally friendly choice, as harvesting older trees and planting new ones helps to absorb more carbon from the atmosphere.

Natural Durability Without Any Treatment

While most wood species used in construction require chemical treatment, red cedar fencing does not. In fact, it’s naturally resistant to rot, decay, and pest infestations. You can expect your red cedar fence to last for many years to come with minimal maintenance.

An Effortlessly Charming Appearance

What’s more, red cedar fencing is charming with or without any stain or paint. Its reddish hue looks stunning alongside any home or business. And since it’s not susceptible to most environmental concerns, it’ll stay beautiful longer.

Get Started With Your Red Cedar Fencing Installation

You can improve your home or business in Ashburn, VA, with a red cedar fencing installation by Builders Fence Company. To learn more, contact us today!

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