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When people think of privacy the first thing that comes to mind is a fence, which typically runs around the entire yard. Sometimes though, people just want to block off a portion of the yard and incorporate a privacy screen into the landscaping. There are several reasons why a homeowner may not want to barricade the whole area. It might be that they want to create a separation between properties, but still enjoy a particular point of the scenery. Another reason would be to block off an unattractive area they want to conceal like an air conditioner, pool equipment or a green electric box. A privacy screen can also provide shade in specific areas that are hit by the sun so that they can enjoy a larger portion of their backyard for a longer period during the day.

A privacy screen is not just a barricade wall. It has a lot of interesting features that add of character and unique details like lattice and diagonal boards. If you wanted to fence the whole backyard in that fashion the cost will be astronomical. Nevertheless you can place a couple of privacy screens in specific places or even incorporate them into an existing fence and still enjoy the beautiful details.

Since Privacy screens are more of an architectural detail we like to use cedar and take advantage of the inherent beauty of the wood. Cedar is a more stable wood, tends to stay straight longer. Cedars’ natural beauty makes it a better selection as opposed to pressure treated pine. If you want to protect and keep the red color of the cedar you can apply a sealer every couple of years. Otherwise you might want to let it age to develop it’s natural patina.

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