Deck Safety Month is Here: Is Your Deck Ready for Safe Summer Fun?

Trex Composite Deck, Vienna

Trex Composite Deck, Vienna
Trex Deck, Ashburn, VA


And the best way to kick off the season is by making sure your deck is sound, safe and ready for everyone’s enjoyment.

Ledger Connection:
This is the part that connects the deck to your house. To avoid accidents, make sure the board is sound and that all fasteners are all securely in place. Look for any signs of corrosion and correct it.

Flashing or Protective Guard:
This is the part that keeps the water off vulnerable areas on the deck. Check that it is properly installed and replace or add if needed. Clean and remove leaves and/or debris that may have accumulated.

Posts and Footings:
Check and make sure these are free of any visible signs of decay,  rot, corrosion or cracks. It is recommended that you also check all post-to-beam connections making sure all fasteners are sound and in place.

Inspect all risers and stringers. They should be firmly attached. Check for sagging treads and replace as needed.

Deck Boards:
All deck boards should be sound, straight, without sagging, and free of rot, splinters, cracks or decay. Check that all screws and anchors are tight.  In the case of wood decks, make sure all nails are properly driven into the wood.

Handrails and Balusters:
Check that the rail is securely attached to the posts. Push on all railing and balusters. They should be not sway under normal pressure.

General Cleaning and Maintenance:
Remove all leaves and debris from the deck and under all planters. Clean all mold with water and mild soap. If your house features a wood deck, consider thoroughly cleaning and sealing your deck. It is recommended that this be done once a year.

Lighting and Electrical Features:
Test all electrical outlets and lighting to verify they are working properly.

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