What Are the Different Types of Wood Fences?

Different Types of Wood FencesHomeowners who are in the market for a new fence and love the look of natural wood have a variety of materials to choose from. Two of the most popular are pine and cedar fencing. To determine which is right for your home, let’s compare these two natural wood fences.

Pine Fencing

Pine is a soft wood, which makes it an easy material to work with. Pine is typically lighter in color than other types of wood and features eye-catching grains and knots. Pine fencing can be stained if you prefer a darker tone, and it can be painted nearly any color to accentuate your yard. Pine wood fencing is harvested from younger trees, which are replaced as soon as they’re cut down. This presents a positive and negative for you to consider: harvesting from younger trees makes pine fencing one of the most affordable on the market, but it also means it lacks the strength of other types of wood fencing and can be easily damaged.

Western Red Cedar Fencing

There are a range of cedar fencing materials available, each with their own benefits. One particular example is western red cedar fencing. This material has a slightly darker tone than pine and offers a more durable build. In fact, western red cedar fencing is typically harvested from trees that have matured in age, making it naturally stronger than pine. A western red cedar fence will resist warping, twisting, and bowing over time, without being treated with chemicals.

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