Enjoy the summer’s fun while keeping your children, family and friends safe

ActiveYards Pool fence

ActiveYards Pool fence


ActiveYards’ Aluminum Pool Fence

Summer is almost here and with that “pool season” is in full swing.  Complying with building codes regarding pools will ensure the safety of our children, family and friends the whole season!

Besides the permits that you must obtain for the installation of a swimming pool, spa or hot tub, Virginia State has specific enclosure requirements. Below are some of the guidelines that govern all outdoor pools, spas and hot tubs with over 24 inches of water depth.

-Most jurisdictions require fences for pools to be a minimum height of 48 inches measured from the outside face grade level.  Please note, some jurisdictions (Arlington County) require a fence of at least 72” tall.

-All openings (between grade and bottom of the barrier, between the top of an above-ground pool and bottom of the barrier, and openings in chain link and lattice fences) must follow the guidelines specified by the state.

-Barriers shall not be climbable and gates must swing out.

– For a detailed description of all Virginia State pool enclosure requirements, please follow this link: http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/dpwes/publications/pool.pdf  or check with your local building department.

To install a pool fence that complies with all state and local regulations, call the experts at Builders Fence Company at 703-820-0967 or visit our website at buidersfenceco.com

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