Where to Go for a Farm or Field Fence for Your Property

Farm & Field Fencing Aldie VA Are you looking for a strong farm or field fence for your property in Aldie or Northern Virginia? If so, Builders Fence Company is pleased to help. We offer high-quality fencing materials and install fences so that they stand the test of time. Consider the following durable options for your project:

Wood Fencing

A tried-and-true classic, wood fencing has a long history of agricultural applications. We offer pressure-treated pine, an affordable option that our technicians will install properly to ensure years of performance. For an even stronger fence, opt for western red cedar fencing. This type of wood fence is harvested from mature trees, which makes it inherently strong. In fact, western red cedar doesn’t need to be treated with chemicals to maintain its straight shape and will resist warping, twisting, and bowing over time. We’re one of the few fence contractors in the area that installs this reliable fencing option, and we’ll be happy to tell you more about how a western red cedar fence can benefit your property.

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is a modern option that also offers long-lasting performance. Though the vinyl material may be softer than real wood, this can be beneficial in agricultural operations as the material allows some give upon impact, making it safer for corralling animals. Vinyl fencing holds it shape and appearance longer than wood fencing and never needs to be sanded or painted. Plus, it can be easily cleaned with a quick rinse from a hose.

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Based in Sterling and serving Aldie and Northern Virginia, Builders Fence Company is the fence contractor of choice for local business owners who need a reliable farm or field fence. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your project.

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Builders Fence Company provides more options for wood fencing because we are one of the only fencing companies in the area to carry and stock the best products including Western Red Cedar. We give our customers a pleasant experience by keeping appointment times, back up our warranties, and are available when you call the office.