How Far Apart Should Fence Posts Be?

White fence with standard fence post spacing. Whether you’re attempting a DIY fence project or simply interested in learning more about fence installation, one important element to understand is post spacing. Fence posts have to be the right distance apart for strength, safety, and longevity. While the general rule of thumb is about six to eight feet, several different factors affect how far apart your fence posts should be.

Important Factors Related to Fence Post Spacing

What are some of the considerations that affect fence post spacing? In general, closer spacing offers greater strength but also incurs higher costs for materials and labor. It’s necessary to understand what variables will impact how far apart you should place your fence posts.

1. The Type of Fencing

Different fence types require different spacing. For instance, high-tensile fences allow for further spacing. Since they can withstand greater tension, they don’t need as much support.

2. The Purpose of the Fence

Spacing will also depend on the purpose of the fence. If you’re installing your fence to enhance the security of a commercial facility, you might want to opt for closer post spacing. On the other hand, if your fence’s main purpose is to boost your curb appeal, wider posts are no issue.

3. The Local Conditions

You should also consider local weather conditions and other site-specific factors. If major storms are common where you live, you’ll need a stronger fence. Place your posts close together in that case.

Rely on the Experts for a Customized Fence Post Spacing Solution

If you’re still not sure how far apart your fence posts should be, ask the experts at Builders Fence Company. We’d be happy to address your questions to ensure your new fence does its job.

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