How Long Does a Wood Fence Last?

Beautiful pine wood fences in the yard.

Wood fences are an economical fencing option that’s popular among homeowners looking to fence in their yards. You’ve probably seen plenty of examples throughout your town, from fresh, new fences that were just installed to worn-down wood fences that are starting to fall over. Before you decide to invest in a wood fence for your yard, it helps to get an idea of how long you can expect your new fence to last.

Factors That Impact the Lifespan of a Wood Fence

First, it helps to understand a little bit more about wood fences. Most fence companies offer wood fences made from pine. On its own, this soft wood wouldn’t last all that long. Therefore, pine wood fences are almost always made from pressure-treated wood. This process soaks the wood in chemicals that help the wood resist rot, pest damage, and other deterioration from the weather. Another wood fence option is wood that is naturally rot and pest resistant, such as cedar. This type of wood does not require special treatment before it’s installed.

A pressure-treated pine wood fence will likely last between 5 and 10 years in your yard. Over time, this type of fencing will lose its color and turn gray and continue to deteriorate. However, if properly maintained, a pressure-treated pine wood fence can last up to 15 to 20 years. Maintaining your wood fence will require staining it every few years with a protective product that will help extend its lifespan. Meanwhile, a cedar fence can last between 15 and 30 years without any wood treatment. Staining your cedar fence and doing other general maintenance can help you get to the longer end of its lifespan.

Is a Wood Fencing System Right for Your Home?

Ultimately, wood fences remain a popular option thanks to their combination of affordability and longevity. They can make for a great addition to your property—and with a little care and maintenance, a wood fence will serve you well for years to come. To learn more about the lifespan of wood fences and other considerations, contact Builders Fence Company today.

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