How to Modify Your Chain Link Fence to Increase Backyard Privacy

Chain Link Fence Installation McLean VA

Chain link fences are a common feature around backyards, yet they don’t ensure privacy as well as other fence types. Nevertheless, you can modify these fences with wooden panels, hedges, and rolled bamboo to increase your privacy, peace of mind, and enjoyment of the outdoors. Moreover, professionals can incorporate these modifications into your chain link fence installation project.

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Below, we discuss how your chain link fence can offer more privacy: 

Wooden Panels 

Durable and visually appealing, high-quality wooden panels resemble the natural aesthetic of a conventional wooden fence. Anyone renting a property can use this adjustment to avoid damaging the chain link fence. Homeowners can increase their panels’ weather resistance by varnishing or finishing the wood to withstand precipitation.

Nevertheless, ensure your chain link fence is strong enough to support wooden panels before installing them. Also, investigate whether you need a permit for wooden paneling installation—check with applicable governance organizations like your HOA and county board. Given the various tools and heavy parts this project calls for, turn to a professional home improvement team

Fence Slats

Vertical pieces of aluminum or polyethylene designed to stay in place once installed, fence slats can save you money in the long run. They are easier to install than wood paneling because they’re simply inserted between the chain links. Well-made slats are weather resistant yet easy to replace. Furthermore, you can select a color to match your home’s style and aesthetic. 

Nevertheless, the slats cannot ensure complete privacy because they only fit within a portion of the chain link fence. Installation can also consume ample time, as each slat must be inserted individually. Still, Building Fence Co’s experts can handle the slat installation process and advise you on the best fencing material and color for your yard space. 

Climbing Plants or Artificial Hedges

Chain Link Fence Installation McLean VA

Climbing plants and large bushes are a natural solution for creating privacy. Indeed, homeowners who like organic landscape features will find that this solution maintains their preferred aesthetic. Numerous widely accessible plants will grow to cover a chain link fence—though it requires ample time for leaves and stems to extend. 

If you don’t have a green thumb, you can use an artificial solution that looks just as realistic. You can purchase artificial hedges or vines and hire professionals to fit and fasten them to your fencing. Artificial shrubs and vegetation are much easier to maintain than live plants—the former only requires occasional cleaning. 

Rolled Bamboo

Rolled bamboo screens are popular among those who value full coverage, style, and durability. Bamboo complements most outdoor areas and gives yards a lush and serene appearance. 

Nevertheless, some rolled bamboo has a relatively short lifespan on chain link fencing. Purchase bamboo poles that are cut at the node to extend the life of the material and prevent decay. The right cuts limit the amount of water the bamboo absorbs over time, thus forestalling cracks, discoloration, and deterioration.

Anyone considering bamboo screens should turn to professional fence installers. Trying to tackle such a project alone may cost you time and money, while fencing experts have the knowledge and expertise to produce beautiful, lasting results. 

Mesh Screens

Among the most affordable and efficient privacy solutions on the market, mesh screening is similar to chain link fence slats in that it is weather-resistant and available in numerous colors. It’s well-suited for areas that suffer frequent storms, given its permeability.

While these screens provide suitable coverage, some homeowners find them less visually appealing than other materials. Nevertheless, it is a popular option for school zones and industrial locations. Commercial enterprises often install wire mesh screens for their durability and resistance to natural conditions. 

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