Painting vs. Staining Your Fence

Picture of gorgeous new aluminum fencing that was recently installed at a home.If you’re planning on adding a wood fence to your property, it’s important to also plan on either painting or staining your fence. Both of these applications can improve the aesthetics of the fence, and more importantly, they will keep the fence protected. So which option is right for your fence? Here’s what you need to know about each of these options.

Pros & Cons of Painting a Fence

Paint is a less expensive product than stain and allows for a wider range of colors and finishes. Paint will require a primer and then the paint in order to properly adhere and cover the surface. Paint will also last longer on the fence, roughly five years, before you’ll need to repaint it. However, the repainting process may require more prep work if the paint has started to peel. You’ll need to scrape the loose paint off before applying a fresh coat.

Pros & Cons of Staining a Fence

Stain will absorb into the wood itself to protect it without covering it up. If you prefer showing the natural wood grain, stain is the right option for you. Stain will cost a little more than paint and will need to be reapplied every three or four years. However, there’s no additional prep work required before applying more stain, so it may be a faster and easier process.

The Bottom Line

Both painting and staining are great options for enhancing the appearance of your fence while helping to maximize its longevity. Either option will be better than leaving your wood fence bare, and it’s highly recommended for the proper care and maintenance of a wood fence. In the long term, the overall cost will be fairly similar between the two options, so it comes down to the specific aesthetics you’d prefer for your wood fence.

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