PTP and Composite Picture-Framed Deck-Brambleton, Virginia

Picture Frame deck sm

The project shown above features a picture-famed deck constructed out of pressure treated pine.

To add character and dimension to the design, we add a border on the outside of the deck. This is called “Picture framing” and it is a cost-effective way to give your deck surface some character.

Most deck boards are available only in twelve, sixteen or twenty feet long. If your deck is going to be thirty feet wide, you will have seams at various locations in the deck. A way to avoid this is by installing two fifteen-feet areas and then add a “picture frame” design.

Picture-Framed deck detail

Picture-Framed deck detail

To finish the Deck we installed a railing with black aluminum balusters. The homeowners’ backyard was already enclosed by a wooden picket fence, which can be seen behind the railing on the deck in the picture shown. If we ran the traditional wood rail and placed it in front of the existing backyard fence, the effect would have been of an almost continuous wood surface without breaks or points of interest. The aluminum balusters break up the wood texture and create a lighter rail to contrast against the existing fence.

Another finishing touch is the composite rail cap we installed on top of the railing. Instead of using the traditional 2×6 wood cap rail, we use composite. The top of the rail is where you will rest your arms and hands, and is where you put your drinks. Three years down the road a regular wood rail cap will most likely have splinters making it a less than desirable surface for running your hands across. By adding a composite rail cap, we ensure a long lasting smooth secure surface adding another layer of texture to the overall design.

The result is a cost effective deck, with unique character and a contemporary look.

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