Reasons to Have a Wood Fence Installed Around Your Home

Wood Fence Leesburg VA

The classic white picket fence around one’s home has become a cliche in American culture. Yet the endurance of this idea speaks to its appeal and role for homeowners. A wood fence installation is not only cost-effective, durable, and customizable but also a value add-on for property and a multi-functional feature. Nevertheless, turn to a professional team who can offer wood fence ideas and outstanding customer service.

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Below, we discuss why you should have a wood fence installed around your home:


The significant variety of building material options available may make classic wooden fences seem quaint by comparison. Yet such a variety can work to your advantage: it reduces the cost of wood to less than that of vinyl, aluminum, and more. As a result, you receive the charm and simplicity of a wood fence and gate at a bargain price!


That said, you must counterbalance your desire for economical materials with the need for durability. Proper wood fence maintenance and care help ensure the installation will last for years, while selecting an appropriate wood type for your region’s climate (and HOA’s requirements) further enhances durability.

Popular choices for wood fence posts include:

  • Cedar: Although a softwood, cedar is resistant to rot and insects. It can last up to 30 years with proper maintenance, and its subvarieties—red and white—also give homeowners options for customization. Plus, cedar posts emit a characteristic scent.

  • Pine: Another softwood, pine is less expensive than cedar yet less durable. Thanks to its natural stiffness, it works well for pickets and vertical boards, while its light color requires just one layer of paint.

  • Oak: One of North America’s most common tree types, oak is a hardwood available in numerous colors. Its natural grain can enhance your backyard’s beauty. Additionally, untreated oak posts can last up to 20 years.

  • Redwood: The most expensive and popular option here, redwood is denser and more durable than other common types. Its deep red coloring furnishes an elegant touch to backyard spaces, and its natural moisture resistance combats rot.

Speak to Building Fence Co’s experts while considering your options for fencing materials. We can advise you on the best wood types for Northern Virginia’s climate.

Simple Maintenance and Repair

Wood Fence Leesburg VA

Compared to other fencing materials, wood fence care and maintenance is straightforward: soap and water for cleaning, then generic paints, stains, and water repellents for preservation. Repairs entail professional support to size boards and ensure stability, but such adjustments require little time.


Customize your fencing beyond its wood type, paint, and stain with stylistic choices. Speak to your contractor about the shape, cut, and arrangement of posts—they may suggest styles such as picket, paddock, board on board, and more.

Additionally, homeowners concerned about their carbon footprint can rest easy knowing that wood fences are an eco-friendly and sustainable feature. Wood is a renewable resource, and fencing contractors may be able to adjust their installation to reduce environmental impact.

Value for Property

Homeowners considering the long-term financial return for fencing will be happy to hear that wood fences increase home market value and have a 50% ROI. After all, they increase home privacy and curb appeal. Nevertheless, capitalizing on this potential entails hiring professional fence installers.


Wood fences are capable of serving multiple purposes beyond privacy and aesthetics. For instance, they can protect a garden from wildlife and nosy neighbors or keep your plants from invading a neighboring property. Alternatively, they work as a landscaping feature to break up large lawn spaces and section off patio areas. Finally, you can add wood fencing to a deck to enclose the space.

Wood Fence Installation Services Available in Leesburg, VA!

Whether you like the idea of a white picket fence around your home or have specific uses for such a boundary, contact Builders Fence Company for a wood fence and gate installation. Our team serves Leesburg, VA, and the surrounding region with outstanding customer service, excellent products, and expert guidance. Check out our portfolio online for examples of our stellar work. Call (703) 997-9037 or visit our website today to learn how a fence can transform your yard and home.

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