The Price is Right: Deck Installation Costs in 2024

cost to build a deck Gainesville VA

Now that afternoons are long and sunny, backyard decks are the ideal home feature. Indeed, many homeowners without such a space will now consider how well deck construction costs fit within their budget. But what expenses will it entail? And what’s the average cost to build a deck? Such determinations depend on material, labor, and extra feature pricing. Speak to Builders Fence Company’s professional decking contractors for all these details.

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Below, we discuss average deck construction costs and the elements factoring into them:

Average Total Costs

Like any home improvement project, the pricing for deck construction depends on a web of factors. These days, the average decking installation costs around $7,500, but you must consider many influences to determine whether that price point will reflect your project. Furthermore, a well-built and versatile deck can deliver significant ROI to offset its price tag.

Material Costs

A prominent portion of the expense arises from hardware costs. Contractors calculate this number based on price per square foot, so a small deck of premium-quality material might come out to roughly the same cost as a large deck of basic-quality material. The most common decking materials that Builders Fence Company customers choose include:

  • Hardwood (oak, maple, hickory, birch, etc.)
  • Pressure-treated lumber
  • Composite boards
  • Mineral-based composite boards
  • PVC boards

In determining a decking material, look beyond just pricing concerns and consider durability. For example, lumber has the lowest cost per foot of the options above and can last many years with proper maintenance, yet it will show signs of rot and pests eventually. On the other hand, PVC and composite boards entail much less maintenance and last even longer than lumber.

Installation Costs

cost to build a deck Gainesville VA

The second significant cost influence on deck additions lies in its installation. Hiring deck contractors at the beginning of your design and build process can help mitigate these costs. These professionals will offer layout tips to enhance your deck’s usefulness and may also have access to materials at wholesale prices.

Furthermore, contractors do more than just place lumber and drive in nails. They level and prepare the ground where your deck will stand, measure and stake out its foundations, dig post holes, and integrate the design into your home’s aesthetic. As with materials, consider the ROI on a high-quality installation—cheap contractors may lack the skills and experience to deliver the deck you want.

Style & Add-On Costs

While labor and material costs will make up much of a deck’s price tag, style and add-on features also have an influence. After all, not all decks are made equal, and personalizing yours can increase your enjoyment and your deck’s ROI. Besides materials, decking style details and add-ons include:

  • Unique layouts: Would you prefer an attached or unattached deck? Multilevel or wraparound? Your needs and stylistic preferences will guide such decisions.
  • Coverings: As much as we love sunshine, too much can make a deck uncomfortable. Keep your space cool with a covering (and get protection from rain, too).
  • Built-in lighting: Summer evenings offer additional opportunities to enjoy your outdoor spaces. Keep your deck safe and cozy with lighting fixtures that fit its aesthetic.

Iron Out the Cost to Build a Deck in Gainesville, VA

The cost to build a deck can provide a useful starting point for your design and installation process. Nevertheless, turn to Builders Fence Company for help deciding on a layout, features, materials, and more decking decisions. Our team has helped Gainesville, VA, residents enjoy their outdoor spaces for years, and we can help you too. Call (703) 997-9037 to learn more about our decking and fencing services.

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