Traditional or Invisible Fence?

Mixed breed puppies

Many dog owners find themselves debating between building a ‘traditional” fence or having one of the new invisible fences installed to protect and contain their pets.

In a nutshell, here is how invisible fences work. An underground wire is run around the property to create an invisible boundary. The wire works in combination with a programmed collar that the pet wears. When a pet crosses the boundary, it receives a mild to intense shock. Invisible fences work in combination with training, where a pet learns to recognize where the boundaries are. Some dogs are known to willingly undergo the experience of crossing the boundaries if enough stimulus is provided (like a cat, deer, etc.). Once out, they might be reluctant to return to avoid experiencing the same unwelcomed zap.

Some dogs handle the shock well, while others develop behavioral issues like increased anxiety, fear and aggression. Apparently, a lot has to do with temperament and breed. You might want to read this article which provides more information on the subject.

Regardless of how unobtrusive an invisible fence might seem to some homeowners, the reality is that an invisible fence will not keep other animals, children or adults from coming inside your property.  With an invisible fence, your pet is simply “unprotected” from roaming dogs that can pick fights or even interfere with the breed of your future pure-bred puppies!


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