What Is Involved in a Fence Installation?

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There’s a lot that goes into a fence installation, and having a sense of what to expect ahead of time can help ensure a smooth and seamless process. Here are the steps we take at Builders Fence Company to ensure a thorough and professional fence installation.

Planning the Fence Design

The first step of the fencing project will involve a lot of planning. You’ll need to decide what type of fencing you want and where you want it. We may need to do a little research to identify property lines and other boundaries, and then we’ll need to take careful measurements to determine how much material is needed. We’ll also likely need to pull a permit before the installation can begin.

Measuring for Fence Posts & Digging the Holes

The most important part of your fencing system is the fence posts. These provide the support and structural integrity your fence needs to hold up over the years. We’ll carefully measure where the fence posts will be positioned and dig the holes that they’ll be set in. We’ll then position the fence posts in the hole and set it with concrete for a stable and durable base.

Attaching the Rest of the Fence

With the framework of fence posts in place, we can then attach the panels, rails, boards, post caps, and all the rest of the elements that will go into your fence system. Then, if you’ve chosen a wood fence, we’ll finish everything off by staining or painting the fence to your liking. Once finished, you’ll have a durable and attractive fencing system that will serve you well for years to come.

Get Started on Your Fence Installation

Of course, your fence installation may vary slightly depending on the type of fencing material you choose, the scope of your project, and other factors. If you’re ready to get started on a fence installation project at your home or business, contact Builders Fence Company today.

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