What Is the Point of a Picket Fence?

What Is the Point of a Picket Fence Of all the many different types of fences, the picket fence may be the most common. It certainly is when we think about what our dream home looks like—after all, most people would include a white picket fence in the description. What is it about a picket fence that makes it so endearing? Turns out, America has a long history with picket fences.

History of Picket Fences in America

The use of picket fences can be traced all the way back to America’s earliest colonial era. Back in those times, picket fences were used for more than just decorations: The pointed pickets were an effective defense against attacks. As the years passed and threats dissipated, picket fencing remained and became a staple fixture on early American properties.

Use of Picket Fences Today

In modern times, the primary benefit of a picket fence is to adorn the home with a beautiful decorative element. Picket fences enclose yards while still maintaining views, making them just as popular as ever. And while a lot of picket fences are traditionally built with wood, modern homeowners have other materials to choose from, including vinyl, which is easy to clean and never needs to be sanded or stained, and aluminum—an extra-strong material that resembles wrought iron but will never rot or rust.

Where to Get a Quality Picket Fence

If you’re interested in updating your property with a new picket fence, turn to Builders Fence Company for the job. We build fences with the materials listed above as well as western red cedar, a naturally durable wood option that is prized for its beauty. Contact us today to learn more. We’re based in Sterling and serve homeowners in Aldie and throughout Northern Virginia and Maryland.

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