What Kind of Cedar Is Used for Fencing?

What Kind of Cedar Is Used in FencingAre you looking to have a wood fence installed at your home? If so, you’ve likely done some research and learned that cedar is a popular material due to its attractive appearance and natural durability. However, not all cedar is ideal for fencing. In fact, some wood fencing is marketed as cedar but is not cedar at all! As you can imagine, paying top dollar for a fence that doesn’t perform as expected can be severely disappointing. To ensure you make the right investment, steer clear of these two types of cedar:

Japanese Cedar

When you choose cedar as a fencing material, you expect strength to be a top benefit. Unfortunately, Japanese cedar fencing falls short in this regard. The pickets are thin and flimsy and can split or break during installation.

Chinese Cedar

Here is an example of a product being misnamed. Chinese “cedar” is actually fir! And while fir may look nice and come with a lower price tag, it will not hold up to the elements for long. Indeed, when it comes to resisting deterioration, fir is far inferior to real cedar.

The Best Bang for Your Buck: Western Red Cedar Fencing

If you’re determined to have a cedar fence, investing in western red cedar fencing will generate the benefits you’re looking for. Western red cedar is gorgeous, and because it is a naturally durable material, it will hold strong through any type of weather, season after season, year after year.

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