What to Plant Along Your Fence Line

A garden along a white fence in a backyardAre you not sure what to plant along your fence line? How you should landscape depends on your personal goals and priorities. Different plants will help you enhance privacy, boost curb appeal, dampen noise, or strengthen property boundaries. Use this guide to help you decide what to plant along your fence line.

Provide Extra Privacy or Strengthen Property Line

Many homeowners and business owners value privacy, which can be tough to come by in densely developed areas. If your goal is to enhance your privacy or create clear property boundaries, plenty of tall, dense plants will get the job done. A few options include:

  • Bamboo – Bamboo grows rapidly, clumping together and forming a wall. It thrives in warm, wet climates.
  • Boxwood – Boxwood is a slow-growing, thick type of shrub. It’s easy to maintain and shape however you prefer.
  • North privet – A faster-growing shrub option is north privet, which blooms small white flowers in the spring.

The foliage on these plants will also serve to dampen outside noise, making your yard an oasis. You can use evergreen trees for the same effect.

Beautify Your Property

If you’re looking to beautify your property, you can add color and personality with the right plants. You might choose:

  • Small, flowering bushes – For a tasteful pop of color, plant rose bushes, hydrangea shrubs, or azaleas.
  • Vines and ivy – You can also add some greenery with vines and ivy along your fence.

Update Your Fence

While plants can help you achieve privacy and curb appeal, they’re most effective when paired with the right fence. Choose a fence material and style best suited to your priorities.

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