Which Wood Is Best for Fencing?

Which Wood Is Best for Fencing You’re looking for a new fence for your yard and prefer the look of traditional wood. However, you know that not all wood is made the same, and you want to get the most out of your investment. So, which type of wood fence should you choose? Let’s take a look at two popular wood fencing materials: pressure-treated pine and western red cedar.

Pressure-Treated Pine Fencing

Pine is a relatively inexpensive type of wood fence and therefore one of the most popular options. However, it’s not a very strong wood, so pine fencing must be treated with chemical preservatives to help protect it from long-term exposure to the elements. Pressure-treated pine fencing can be stained and lightly power-washed, and it can be used in moisture-prone climates.

Western Red Cedar Fencing

Western red cedar fencing is a gorgeous option that is naturally stronger than pine fencing. In fact, this material is harvested from mature trees that have had time to grow strong and therefore makes a more durable fence. A western red cedar fence offers better resistance to warping and twisting, as well as insect and moisture damage, without needing to be treated with chemicals.

Who Should Install Your Wood Fence?

Identifying what type of wood fence you want for your home is step-one of your project. The next step is choosing the right contractor to install it so you can rest assured that your new fence will stand the test of time. At Builders Fence Company, we offer both pressure-treated pine and western red cedar fencing—we’re one of the few contractors in the Northern Virginia and Maryland area that offers the latter—and we are masters at fence installation.

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