Why You May Need to Seek Fence Permits and Approvals

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Fences are a common sight across rural and urban environs alike. They define property lines, keep out vermin and uninvited guests, and even factor into homes’ exterior design styles. Yet as a significant property modification, fences are subject to local building codes and regulations. Luckily, Maryland fence contractors can help you navigate these intricate ordinances in addition to choosing materials and designing your fencing installation.

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Below, we discuss the potential causes for seeking a fence permit or approval:

Height Restrictions

Although you can expect to apply for a fencing-related permit, the reasons and processes differ by municipality. Your wood fence contractors can help you determine such details, but you must apply and ensure compliance. The increased curb appeal that fencing provides will more than justify the effort.

Height restrictions are among the most common motivations for fencing permits. While homeowners can add fences below the maximum height, installations at or above require appropriate approvals. Local governing bodies and HOAs often determine these boundaries, so ensure you check with both.

Material Restrictions

While choosing a fencing material suited to your yard and tastes, consider your local material ordinances. Wood and vinyl fencing usually present no problem, but aluminum? Chain link? Some materials may require permitting, while others may be outright banned.

Furthermore, look for professionals familiar with your material of choice. For example, Builder Fence Company’s chain link fence contractors would be your best bet for that material.

Protected Zones & Setbacks

In addition to regulations on fencing itself, the land on which fences are erected may have protections or require permissions to use. For instance, many municipalities protect wetlands and greenbelt buffers from development, precluding installations altogether. Furthermore, setback boundaries may demand you adapt your fencing plans to their restrictions. Land ordinances are key to fence pre-construction planning.

Shared Property Lines

best Maryland fence contractors

If you want to put fencing on a shared property line, you may need written consent from your neighbor. This element of fence installation shifts considerably depending on location—some states require no such permissions, while others may split the fencing’s cost between neighbors. As always, check local regulations and contact your fencing contractor for details.

Discussing a new fence with your neighbor is a wise policy, even if your town or HOA has no laws around fencing. Building one without warning may upset them and become a source of resentment, whereas tweaking your plans according to their requests can avoid such conflicts.

Professional Maryland Fence Contractors Working in Potomac, MD

Although seeking permits and approvals for backyard fencing may sound tiresome, doing so ensures you can enjoy your installation without fear of fines. Moreover, Builders Fence Company—among the best Maryland fence contractors—can manage all design and construction details for Potomac, MD, homeowners. Call (703) 997-9037 for particulars on our fencing options and how we can customize your outdoor space.

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