Wood Deck Vs Trex Deck –Reston, VA

Composite deck-multi level

Composite Custom-Designed Trex Deck –Reston, Virginia

When considering what material to use for your new deck you can either opt for pressure treated pine or –like the example shown above–, you can use Trex® composite.

Pressure treated pine is largely used in decking because of its lower cost. Nevertheless, it requires greater up-keep. Proper maintenance of a wood deck includes power washing and sealing it on a yearly basis.   Though this will certainly help to shield the wood from the elements, it doesn’t necesarily protect the wood against warping, cupping, splintering or turning grey.  These are natural occurrences in pressure treated pine.

Trex composite on the other hand emulates the look of wood, there is no need to seal or paint it.  It is mildew resistant and does not warp split or crack. As for maintenance you can simply hose the deck with water or you can do a basic cleaning with a composite deck cleaner or combination of soap, hot water and a soft bristle brush.

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