Versatile Options for Your Wood Fence in Alexandria, VA

A beautiful wood fence in a backyard, surrounded by greeneryA wood fence is a timeless, charming, and practical addition to any property, whether it’s a home or business. However, finding a wood fencing contractor with a strong commitment to quality is not always a simple task. Builders Fence Company is here to help. We’ve earned a reputation throughout Alexandria, Virginia, and surrounding communities for providing the best products and the best service at a fair price. Our wood fences are a favorite among local homeowners and business owners. We offer two premium wood fencing options, Western Red Cedar and Pressure Treated Pine.

Why Choose Western Red Cedar?

Western Red Cedar has many special properties that make it ideal as a wood fence option, such as its:

  • Natural durability – Unlike other wood fencing materials, Western Red Cedar does not require chemical treatment. Instead, it’s insect and rot resistant thanks to a naturally occurring fungicidal.
  • Stunning color – Plus, this wood has a beautiful coloration, ranging from reddish to tan to brown. Its color lasts for many years, requiring nothing more than the occasional light power wash.

Why Choose Pressure Treated Pine?

Another sound option for your wood fence is Pressure Treated Pine. Pine is popular due to its:

  • Softness – Pine is easy to shape and work with thanks to its soft nature. You can create an intricately designed fence with pine.
  • Affordability – Because pine is an abundant material in the area, it makes for some of the least costly wood fences.
  • Appearance – Additionally, pine is light in color and features lovely grains and knots.

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Are you interested in a Western Red Cedar or Pressure Treated Pine wood fence for your home or business in Alexandria, VA? Be sure to reach out to Builders Fence Company to learn more about these options.

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Builders Fence Company provides more options for wood fencing because we are one of the only fencing companies in the area to carry and stock the best products including Western Red Cedar. We give our customers a pleasant experience by keeping appointment times, back up our warranties, and are available when you call the office.