Wood Fence Installation Services for Ashburn, VA, Homeowners

Wood Fence Installation Ashburn VA If you’re looking to have a new fence installed and only a real-wood fence will do, turn to the experts at Builders Fence Company. Our wood fencing options include western red cedar fencing, one of the strongest of its kind, and we deliver impeccable wood fence installation services to homeowners in the Ashburn, Virginia, area.

Wood Fencing That We Install

At Builders Fence Company, we offer two types of wood fencing: pine and western red cedar. Pine fencing is a traditional and cost-effective option that will provide the natural look you’re going for. And while a beautiful new pine fence is certainly pleasing to the eyes, we recommend western red cedar fencing to get the most from your investment.

Extra-Strong Wood Fencing

Unlike pine and other types of wood fencing that are sourced from young trees, our western red cedar fencing is harvested from mature trees, which makes it naturally strong. In fact, western red cedar fencing does not need to be treated with chemicals to maintain its straight appearanceit will naturally resist warping over time.

Perfect Installations From an Experienced Team

At Builders Fence Company, we stay active in national fencing associations so that we’re always up to date with the industry’s best installation practices. And considering our technicians have years of experience under their belts, you can rest assured that your wood fence installation will be carried out to a tee. As one example of our installation expertise: We use stainless steel nails, rather than galvanized nails, when installing wood fences. This prevents bleeding that can stain the appearance of the wood.

Builders Fence Company is one of the few contractors serving the Ashburn, VA, area that offers western red cedar fencing. To learn more about this high-quality option and our wood fence installation services, contact us today.

About Us

Builders Fence Company provides more options for wood fencing because we are one of the only fencing companies in the area to carry and stock the best products including Western Red Cedar. We give our customers a pleasant experience by keeping appointment times, back up our warranties, and are available when you call the office.