PVC/Vinyl Fences

At Builders Fence Company, we are proud to be an Authorized Dealer of ActiveYards® vinyl fencing. From a basic "wall" to a decorative statement, ActiveYards® has a large portfolio of vinyl fence styles to choose from. All Haven and Home series privacy panels feature ActiveYards® exclusive GlideLock™ technology to ensure the boards lock tightly into place without any gaps.

In addition, every ActiveYards® vinyl fence is infused with SolarGuard™ color retention technology, which helps protect it from the harmful rays of the sun. Available in many sizes and colors, our customers can satisfy their needs while still creating a look that is distinctly their own. Let one of Builders Fence Company’s knowledgeable staff members assist you in making the right choice for your next vinyl fence.
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Our Harbor Series, your Basic option has none of the ActiveYards® patented ingenuity technologies, which means they share the same specifications as our completion’s best products.

These value product choices are still a considerable step up from settling for fence options that rot or rust.
Our Home Series, your Better option, feature some ActiveYards® patented ingenuity technologies. In this series you will find our most popular styles and colors for any fencing solution you are looking for.

The Home Series gives you the best of both worlds by exchanging a little “flair” for affordability, without compromising strength and function.
Our Haven Series, your Best option, is the popular choice of the discriminating consumer. These premium designs make a statement and are a true “home improvement.” The Haven Series features all of our patented ingenuity technologies, decorative reinforced rails and all color options. These panels are as strong and sturdy as they come, but don’t sacrifice anything when it comes to style. There is no compromising here; simply put, these are the best consumer fence systems available.

Privacy and Strength

Your yard should be a private sanctuary from the outside world, and your fencing should be strong and sturdy enough to keep it that way. Our patent-pending GlideLock™ design makes sure that each picket locks tightly into place without any gaps. Not only does this provide added seclusion and privacy for your yard, it also helps your fence hold up better against wind and other elements that can potentially damage it. With ActiveYards® fences, strength and security are all in the design.

Colors That Last

The color and look of your fence should compliment the natural beauty of the landscape that you've worked so hard to achieve. In order to maintain that beauty, every fence we make is infused with our exclusive SolarGuard™ color retention technology, which helps protect it from the harmful rays of the sun. Where other fences can fade and become discolored over time, our fences retain their bright, like-new finish for years to come. You deserve a fence that will stay as beautiful as your yard.
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