Can a Picket Fence Be Curved?

Can a Picket Fence Be Curved?You’re dreaming about a picket fence for your home, but the traditional pointed appearance may be too gothic for you. Do all picket fences look the same, or is there some variety in the design with curves instead of hard angles? At Builders Fence Company, we’re pleased to inform you that picket fences can certainly be curved. In fact, when you turn to us for your project, we’ll ensure your new picket fence looks exactly the way you envision it.

Rounded Pickets

We offer a range of design options for the pickets we use in our fences. If the pointed look isn’t for you, consider round-top pickets (which have a popsicle appearance). There are also dog-ear and crest-cut designs that offer a more rounded shape than traditional pointed pickets.

Picket Fences That Arch & Dip

In addition to the rounded top, pickets of varying sizes can be installed in a way that creates a curving effect. For instance, with the Mount Vernon style, taller pickets are installed on the outside and shorter pickets in the middle, creating a downward curve. Conversely, the Monticello Arch style has taller pickets in the middle and shorter ones on the outside to generate an upward curving look.

Installing Your Picket Fence

Your new picket fence can also curve around your yard rather than stand in a straight line. At Builders Fence Company, we’ll ensure that your unique needs for a new fence will be dutifully met. Choose from high-quality materials such as western red cedar, vinyl, and aluminum fencing, and rest assured that our highly experienced technicians will install your new fence to perfection.

Learn more about having a picket fence installed at your home by contacting Builders Fence Company today. We’re based in Sterling and serve Aldie and other cities in Northern Virginia.

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