Commercial Fencing Options in Ashburn, VA

Chain link fence with a blue sky in the backgroundIf your business or organization in Ashburn, Virginia, needs a new fence, explore commercial fencing options from Builders Fence Company. We offer a variety of commercial-grade fences tailored to different purposes. Our experienced installers will be happy to schedule a site visit to your property.

Commercial Fencing Projects

Commercial fences are useful across dozens of applications. They can enhance security, provide privacy, ensure safety, or simply make a property more attractive. You might need commercial fencing for:

  • A private or community pool – Pools need fences for safety purposes as well as security.
  • A dumpster, trash compactor, or generator – Many commercial fencing projects include enclosures for unsightly necessities, like dumpsters. A fence surrounding your dumpster, trash compactor, or generator keeps your property neat and presentable.
  • A school or daycare playground – A fence is vital for keeping kids safe on a playground.
  • An agricultural facility – Commercial fencing is also necessary for agricultural applications.
  • A sports court or field – Fences around sports courts and fields protect spectators from hurtling equipment.
  • An apartment complex – Housing units and complexes need fences for security, privacy, and appearance.
  • A shopping center – Fences around shopping centers are important for theft prevention.

Variety of Materials to Choose From

We offer a range of different fence materials for your commercial fencing needs. Depending on your priorities, a certain material may work best. Our choices include:

  • Chain link
  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Wood
  • Vinyl

Get Top-Quality Commercial Fencing

You might need commercial fencing in Ashburn, VA, for a variety of reasons. Whether you’re looking to enhance security, privacy, appearance, or safety, Builders Fence Company can help. Contact us to submit a proposal or schedule a site visit.

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Builders Fence Company provides more options for wood fencing because we are one of the only fencing companies in the area to carry and stock the best products including Western Red Cedar. We give our customers a pleasant experience by keeping appointment times, back up our warranties, and are available when you call the office.