How Long Should a Fence Last?

How Long Should a Fence Last?Homeowners who are interested in having a new fence installed need to consider several variables, such as their needs for improved curb appeal and privacy, to decide which type of fence is best for them. Another thing to consider is the lifespan of different fencing materials. After all, you want to get the most from your investment. Here at Builders Fence Company, we offer a range of fencing, all of which deliver unique benefits.

Typical Lifespans of Fencing Materials

For a lot of homeowners, only the classic beauty of a real-wood fence will do for their home. But wood does degrade over time and requires regular maintenance to maximize its lifespan. A pine-wood fence, popular for its low cost, can last about 10 years with proper upkeep. To give you a more durable option, we install western red cedar fencing, an old-growth material that is naturally stronger than other types of wood fencing. A cedar fence can last anywhere from 15-30 years when regularly maintained.

A worthwhile alternative to a wood fence is our vinyl fencing, which looks like real wood but is engineered to be low-maintenance. In fact, a vinyl fence can last as long as 30 years without warping or twisting. Plus, it will never need to be sanded or painted.

For the ultimate in long-lasting performance, you’ll want to choose our aluminum fencing. This material is super hardwearing and will never rot or rust, unlike wrought-iron. It will look beautiful standing guard around your yard for decades. We’ll even include a lifetime warranty with your installation.

To learn more about the types of fencing we install and how long you can expect your new fence to last, contact the experts at Builders Fence Company today.

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