Is Vinyl Fencing Better Than Wood Fencing?

Is Vinyl Fencing Better Than Wood

At Builders Fence Company, we’ve been delivering world-class fencing services since 2001. We offer both real-wood and vinyl fencing to our valued customers, and we’re often asked which is better. The answer to that depends on your expectations of performance and maintenance requirements. Let’s compare these two types of fences.


Typically, a wood fence needs to be treated with chemicals in order for it to maintain its beauty and rigidity. Otherwise, the elements can make short work of wood fencing by causing it to warp, twist, or bow. However, not everyone is keen on having a fence that has been soaked in chemicals.

That’s why Builders Fence Company offers western red cedar fencing. This type of wood is old growth and naturally more durable than a standard pine fence. In fact, western red cedar does not need to be treated with chemicals to resist damage from the elements year after year. But it is still wood, which means at some point it will need to be sanded and painted or stained.

Maintenance Requirements

Because vinyl fencing contains no wood materials, it is virtually unaffected by the elements and will maintain its rigid form for years. As an added benefit, vinyl fencing never needs to be sanded or painted. So, if you’re looking for as little maintenance requirements as possible, a vinyl fence may be better for you than a wood fence.

Timeless Beauty & Other Benefits

No matter which type of fence you prefer, you can expect a beautiful new addition to your yard. Our western red cedar fencing is gorgeous, and our vinyl fencing is available in a range of attractive colors.

To learn more about western red cedar and vinyl fencing, contact the experts at Builders Fence Company today and we’ll help you choose which is the best option for your home.

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