Is a composite deck really more expensive than a wood deck?

Trex Deck-Chantilly-VA

Trex Deck-Chantilly-VA

Trex® Deck, Chantilly, VA

Most consumers are aware that a composite deck lasts longer and stays in better condition throughout its useful life. Yet cost is still their major objection when deciding between a wood deck and a composite deck.

Here’s a brief exercise that will help you put the numbers in perspective. According to Dave Swisher of Builders Fence Company in Sterling, VA “in essence, a composite deck has a higher initial cost, about $10 more per square foot (or about 33%). Yet, when you take into consideration the maintenance cost of a wood deck, the opposite is true”.

Cost comparison on an average 250 sq. ft. deck:
-Average cost of a wood deck $30 per sq. ft. or $7,500
-Average cost of a composite deck $40 per sq. ft or $10,000
-Average cost for a wood deck clean and seal service $5 per sq. ft. or $1,250
-Cost of wood deck maintenance over a period of 10 years (maintenance  recommended every two years) $6,250
-Many modern composite decks only require cleaning with a mild detergent…No time, no hassle.

Deck lifespan and warranty:
While a pressure treated pine wood deck may last between 10 -15 years, the warranty does not cover naturally occurring blemishes like checking (cracking), warping and fading.  On the other hand, many composite decks are covered by a 25-year limited residential warranty that covers fading and staining!

The real cost of a wood deck:
When taking into consideration the cost of building a deck and its maintenance over a 10 year period, the wood deck cost averages $55 per sq. ft. and the composite deck $40. That’s $13,750 for the wood deck and $10,000 for the composite deck. That is about 30% higher than the cost of the composite deck.

Do you still think a wood deck is cheaper than a composite deck?

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