5 Benefits of Composite Fencing over Traditional Materials

Composite Fencing Sterling VA

When they decide to have a backyard fence installed, many homeowners picture a wooden or chain-link variety. These conventional options suit many landscapes and deliver solid value, yet other choices are available. We suggest exploring composite fencing materials, which entail low maintenance, offer great strength and durability, and match the outdoor aesthetics of many homes. Nevertheless, even the best composite fencing requires professional installation and maintenance.

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Below, we discuss the advantages that composite fencing offers over traditional materials like wood and chain link:

1. Less Maintenance

Composite Fencing Sterling VA

As the term suggests, composite fencing consists of numerous materials—the exact constituents and their amounts in the product differ between style and brands—though reclaimed wood and recycled plastic are the most common. While all species of lumber share a characteristic appearance, composites come in many styles, some of which ape wood.

Yet composite fencing necessitates significantly less maintenance than wood. The former comes with a protective coating already applied, while the latter requires sealant or staining after installation (and then reapplications every few years). While well-maintained wood fencing can last many years, its natural properties make it vulnerable to everything from pests to sunlight.

2. Greater Strength & Longevity

Similarly, composite fencing panels and boards possess greater strength and longevity than traditional materials. While environmental factors can influence the lifespan of wood, metal, and vinyl fencing, they do not undermine composites’ lifespan of at least 30 years.

By nature, composites are dense and weather-resistant—they can withstand minor collisions and do not fade due to sunlight. They cannot rust nor attract insects. Even when a board shows signs of damage, repairs require simple replacement. New pieces blend seamlessly with old ones since the materials do not fade when exposed to the elements.

3. Aesthetic Flexibility

Again, wood fencing possesses a distinctive appearance that some homeowners believe cannot be recreated. Yet composite fencing does just that while sparing homeowners the maintenance that comes with conventional wooden fences. Moreover, you can choose styles that mimic the appearance of stained or painted wood; alternatively, choose one that does not resemble wood at all.

Since composite fence boards come in different lengths and widths, you can enjoy the same privacy that wooden fences provide. By contrast, improving chain-link fencing’s privacy requires modifications: slats, panels, hedges, or otherwise.

4. Increased Eco-Friendliness

Anyone interested in building a fence without harming the environment will be happy to hear that composite fencing fits the bill. As mentioned above, this material is made from reclaimed and recycled materials, so your installation will not require trees to be cut down or hazardous byproducts to be created. Moreover, the composite boards and panels can be recycled if you remove them.

5. Long-Term Value

Although some varieties have reasonable prices, wood cannot match composite fencing’s durability. Therefore, the latter has higher financial value. Plus, professional fencing installers ensure you receive a product you like that lasts for years. 

Composite Fencing Installation Available Now in Sterling, VA

Sterling, VA, homeowners in the market for an attractive and sturdy backyard fence will find composite fencing materials hit all the necessary marks. Builders Fence Company can design and install a fence that fits your landscape and house’s aesthetic with our cutting-edge products and outstanding workmanship. Get a project quote today by visiting our website or calling (703) 997-9037!

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