5 Ways to Save Money When Building a Deck

Cost to Build a Deck Reston VA

Most people don’t have extra money lying around for home improvement projects. On the contrary, homeowners look for ways to cut costs during such projects—though not at the expense of building quality. So, how does one balance the cost to build a deck with a desire for a sturdy and visually appealing structure? Carefully selecting the material, location, and project timing—as well as leveraging industry knowledge—can help bring a high-quality deck to life without breaking your budget.

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Below, we outline strategies to help you save money while building your deck:

1. Pick Your Material Wisely

Begin by choosing your deck’s material. Determining the ideal candidate requires balancing up-front costs with long-term value. For instance, untreated wood is among the cheapest materials available—yet it’s also the most vulnerable to outdoor elements. Salt-treated wood, on the other hand, costs a bit more but lasts much longer.

The deck-building world extends beyond simple lumber, though. Trex® composite planks are sustainably manufactured and installed just like wooden planks yet made with durable materials that withstand heavy use. Trex® composite decking costs are higher than salt-treated wood yet pay off in the material’s longevity.

2. Location Matters

Cost to Build a Deck Reston VA

Which requires more materials and labor: a deck 10 inches off the ground or one 10 feet off the ground? More height entails more gravity, which in turn calls for more resources. Therefore, you can save money by building your deck close to the ground. Fewer resources, structural reinforcements, and stairs or railings keep costs down.

3. Timing Matters

All homeowners want a deck while the sun is out and temperatures are warm. So, hiring a decking contractor will cost more during the spring and summer than the winter, as demand drives their pricing. Schedule deck building during the fall, or at least before the ground freezes, to take advantage of the project lull.

4. Simplicity Saves Money

A simple deck design using standard material sizes requires less labor than a customized layout with particular dimensions. Thus, budget-minded homeowners can enjoy all the perks of a deck without significant expense by keeping their projects straightforward. Doing so reduces labor costs and avoids wasted materials. Furthermore, professionals can complete a simple design quicker than a multi-tiered, ornate one.

5. Use Industry Knowledge

Finally, some simple decking industry insights can help you keep project costs in check. The above suggestions offer a practical starting point, but you should also research local decking contractors and determine which suits your needs best. What do previous customers have to say about them? What are each company’s offerings?

Additionally, contact each contractor and ask for decking project estimates and scheduling. You can narrow your search by identifying providers that fit your price range and timeframe to manage project costs.

Builders Fence Company Manages the Cost to Build a Deck for Reston, VA, Homeowners

Balancing a budget while enjoying home amenities can be a constant back-and-forth contest. Nevertheless, Builders Fence Company can prevent the cost to build a deck from derailing your household budget. Reston, VA, homeowners can rely on us to provide outstanding customer service and excellent products for their fencing and decking needs. To learn more about our offerings, call (703) 997-9037 or visit our website today!

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