Why Vinyl Fencing is the Most Durable Option

Vinyl fence installation Herndon VA

When homeowners decide to invest in fencing for their property, they usually expect durable products that will last for years. Yet all fence materials are not created equal, and they withstand the tests of time to different degrees. Homeowners seeking a fencing solution that combines enduring strength with enduring beauty will find that vinyl fencing is the ideal choice. Moreover, Builders Fence Company stands ready to assist with top-tier vinyl fence installation services.

The Builders team proudly serves the Herndon, VA, community with comprehensive fence and decking solutions. Boasting a 20-year track record in the industry, our group of professionals ensures you receive the best products and services for a fair price. Given the extensive selection of vinyl fence styles available, you can rest assured you’ll find the perfect match for your home. For a free estimate on your next project, call (703) 997-9037 today.

Below, we discuss what makes vinyl the most durable fencing option:


Vinyl fence panels are nonporous surfaces. Thus, they resist water absorption and allow water to slide off without leaving any damage. Unlike wood fences, which are vulnerable to rot after prolonged exposure to rain and humidity, vinyl fences can rot over time after soaking up moisture. Moreover, vinyl fences don’t have metal fences’ susceptibility to rust. Therefore, vinyl is an ideal choice for homeowners living in any climate. 


Few materials on earth are immune to the sun, but vinyl is best suited among fencing types to withstand light and heat exposure. Metal fences quickly absorb heat and become too hot to touch on a sweltering summer day. Vinyl, on the other hand, remains cool even after standing for hours in the sun.

This unique characteristic makes vinyl fences an obvious frontrunner for homeowners with children and pets, as it offers a safe environment for play. Furthermore, vinyl fences have remarkable resistance to temperature fluctuations, making them suitable for volatile climates.


Vinyl fence installation Herndon VA

Among the most challenging aspects of owning a wood fence, insect infestations present a constant risk of damage to your investment. Fortunately, vinyl fences have the same sturdy look as wooden fences but are naturally pest-proof. Insects can’t burrow through or consume vinyl, ensuring a much longer lifespan. The material is also scratch-proof, so you won’t need to replace vinyl fence panels for cosmetic reasons. Finally, the cost of vinyl fencing is more than made up for in longevity. 


For busy homeowners, the most notable advantage of vinyl fencing is its minimal maintenance requirements. Traditional wood fences demand regular staining and extensive upkeep, whereas vinyl fences require only soap and water. While white vinyl fences may accumulate dirt over time, a gentle scrub is sufficient to remove mud, pollen, and other superficial stains. With little maintenance, vinyl fencing will look brand new for decades. 

Long-Lasting Vinyl Fence Installation in Herndon, VA!

For flawless vinyl fence installation in the Herndon, VA, area, turn to the experts at Builders Fence Company. All our services include a project warranty over labor and materials, and we’ll always be here to inspect any issues personally. Receive your free project estimate today by calling (703) 997-9037!

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