How a Fence Installation Can Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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Handsome landscaping is a reliable way to boost a home’s curb appeal. It need not involve elaborate decorations or extravagant gardening projects—on the contrary, such features can make a house seem high-maintenance and expensive to care for. Instead, work with local fencing contractors to design and install a new fence or update an old one. Doing so can enhance potential buyers’ first impressions of your property, create a space to appreciate the outdoors, and transform your yard into a valuable amenity.

Builders Fence Company produces such results for homeowners in Tysons, VA. A Class A Virginia- and Maryland-licensed business, Builders maintains a staff of trained and certified professionals who keep up to date with industry best practices and products. We encourage interested parties to explore our portfolio of past projects and learn about what we deliver. Visit our website or call (703) 997-9037 to request a project quote!

Below, we describe what new or updated fencing can do for your home’s curb appeal:

Enhance First Impressions

Although we’re taught not to judge a book by its cover, that’s exactly what people do when shopping for a house. Buyers will pay less (if at all) for structures in disrepair or with overgrown landscaping. Therefore, professionally installed and well-maintained fencing can increase your home’s value.

Although it depends on a property’s location, wooden fencing can deliver a 50% ROI. Beyond that, it increases your yard’s privacy—another attractive selling point for a home. If your property has no fence at the moment and you plan to sell in the future, consider fencing installation as an investment in your plan.

Appreciate Your Outdoor Space

In addition to increasing your property value, fencing allows you (and your guests) to enjoy your outdoor space in comfort. The installation keeps pets and children near your home yet prevents vermin and strangers from approaching it. Plus, you can incorporate composite fencing as an eco-friendly measure!

Of course, the specific regulations for fences in your area are determined by your municipal government (and your HOA if you belong to one). Check on these regulations and inform your wood fencing contractors to ensure they meet the necessary standards.

Showcase Your Yard

Fencing Contractors Tysons VA

Lastly, a fence can prevent animals and strangers from tramping across your yard, a protection that further enhances your landscape’s beauty and appeal. Think of fencing as the frame of a painting, bordering and supporting the space where you invested significant resources.

Additionally, the fence can be a cornerstone feature for your home’s other outdoor elements—patio, pergola, pool, and otherwise. Something installed for function can still be beautiful! Speak to our vinyl fencing contractors to learn more!

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Make the most of your yard space: speak to the professional fencing contractors at Builders Fence Company about your options. Our team of certified professionals can help you determine the best materials and layout for your Tysons, VA, property. We also provide a project warranty to cover labor and materials, giving your peace of mind about your purchase. Call (703) 997-9037 or visit our website to learn more about our fencing options!

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