6 Composite Decking Design Ideas

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When nighttime temperatures dip below freezing and the winter drags on, many homeowners dream of warmer weather. Yet you can do more than dream—invest in an outdoor deck construction to make the most of those beautiful evenings on the horizon. Additionally, give yourself diverse design options (including single- and multi-width decking, deck board patterning, deck inlay design, and more) by asking your contractor to use composite decking.

McLean, VA, homeowners can turn to Builders Fence Company for decking questions, design, and construction. Our team is a proud Certified TrexPro® Platinum contractor—we have significant experience using composite decking materials from this leading provider. Furthermore, our commitment to customer service means we are transparent about everything with our clients, from deck construction costs to stylistic elements. Call (703) 997-9037 today or visit our website and request a decking project quote!

Below, we outline and describe our favorite decking design ideas:

1. Single-Width and Multi-Width Decking

Materials-wise, you have numerous options for decking (for instance, many homeowners like the natural look of a wood deck construction), but composite planks provide excellent ROI and stylistic flexibility. Whatever the material you choose, leverage it for aesthetic appeal through sizing.

The “traditional” decking appearance uses single-width boards (in other words, all boards are the same width), but you can break this pattern with multi-width decking to create visual interest and texture. Speak to a Builders Fence Company contractor to learn about board size options.

2. Deck Board Patterning

Adjusting the board patterning can also add stylistic flourishes to your decking. The “traditional” deck style has all boards laid laterally, yet you might try:

  • Diagonal: sets boards at a 45-degree angle
  • Pinstripe: alternates narrow and wide boards to create “stripes”
  • Herringbone: leverages a basket-weave pattern with short deck boards
  • Picture Frame: uses boards around the edge of the deck to create a “frame”
  • Tile Deck: separates sections of decking with a grid that produces a pattern of squares/rectangles

3. Deck Inlay Design

Deck inlay designs are patterns constructed by (often different-colored) boards laid at distinct angles. Popular design options include:

  • Diagonal: inlay boards are placed at a different angle from other boards
  • Herringbone: “weave” pattern works well for a dining or seating area
  • Curved: composite decking can be customized to create bent or arcing patterns

4. Built-In Deck Bench

Outdoor deck furniture provides comfort and designated spots for relaxation. However, furniture pieces require upkeep and (eventually) replacement. Why not add a bench just as sturdy as your deck instead? A built-in deck bench is affordable, permanent, and stylistically complementary to the surrounding features.

5. Deck Lighting

Consider how you can affect and adjust the mood set by your deck through ambient lighting. For instance, in-deck lighting can outline the edges, accent lights on posts can supply general illumination, under-rail lights can offer background glow, and a fire pit can be the centerpiece that residents and guests gather around.

6. Shade Cover

deck construction McLean VA

To round out your deck setup, incorporate shade to keep at least part of the area cool. You can do so with a few different installations:

  • A pergola
  • An awning
  • A roof extension
  • An attached overhead structure

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