Creative Deck Ideas to Inspire Your Next Outdoor Project

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From boosting your property’s value to designating a space for relaxation, custom decking offers alluring benefits to homeowners. The creative control in such projects allows you to design a perfect space for the evenings you have in mind. Yet brainstorming from endless possibilities is easier said than done. Contact a reliable decking contractor for help sorting through inspirations—including textured materials, screening, and visual elements—so you end up with a deck that will stun your guests.

Leesburg, VA, homeowners can rely on Builders Fence Company for outstanding decking solutions. Our team delivers expert-quality craftsmanship and top-notch projects you’ll love for years. With an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, our clients can rest assured knowing they’re receiving the best services possible. To learn more about our fence and decking solutions, call (703) 997-9037 today!

Below, we describe some outside-the-box deck ideas to jumpstart your next project:

Use Textured Materials

Your deck’s visual appearance and appeal will depend on the materials that compose it. For instance, wood mimics your property’s greenery to create a “natural” look. Yet you aren’t constrained to just one material—incorporating several can boost your deck’s visual interest and depth. If your deck is wooden, consider incorporating a contrasting material (like aluminum) for the railing.

That said, keep in mind the deck maintenance needs of each material. We urge maintenance-conscious homeowners to consult our Trex® decking contractors about self-sufficient deck materials. 

Screen It In

When summertime mosquitoes come out to play, a deck screen can be the one thing that makes the outdoors tolerable. While deck screens keep insects out, the roof over them protects against rain and enhances privacy. Indeed, screening in your deck optimizes your outdoor space so you and your guests can enjoy the night air.

Add Some Light

Proper lighting is a necessity for the late-night deck conversations. But have some fun with this design element! For instance, hang string lights from the ceiling or pergola to set the mood. Indeed, an overhead covering unlocks hidden deck lighting possibilities.

Alternatively, choose a statement overhead light for a classic, simple look. While you must have a primary light source, candles and lanterns are amusing design elements.

Fire Elements

Decking Contractor Leesburg VA

A handsome fire element supplies your deck with a statement feature, establishing an inviting ambiance while keeping your guests warm. Of course, fire features are hazardous if your deck includes flammable materials such as wood. Therefore, work with professionals and share your plans so they can adjust for such hazards.

Focal Furniture 

Finally, supply yourself and your guests with furniture that allows everyone to relax. Choose your sitting pieces diligently, as deck furniture must withstand outdoor elements and use. You can make your furniture a focal point by adopting bold patterns or colors; alternatively, make built-in seating part of your custom decking project. You could even try decorating antique furniture with outdoor pillows and throws to reimagine your deck on a budget.

Consult a Trusted Decking Contractor in Leesburg, VA! 

No matter what it looks like, your dream deck can become a reality with the right decking contractor. Leesburg, VA, homeowners can turn to Builders Fence Company for such needs. Our trained and experienced professionals stay up-to-date with the industry’s best practices. Moreover, our exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail ensure you receive results you love. Call (703) 997-9037 today to learn more about our decking and fencing services.

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