3 Signs Your Wood Deck Needs Replacement

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There’s no better way to spend a summer afternoon than lounging on your deck with friends and family. Yet this fun can come to a screeching halt if wear and tear makes your deck unsafe. Between rot, infestation, and exposure to the elements, wood decks can’t last forever. So, watch for indicators that you must hire a deck company to

How to Personalize Your Deck Designs

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Warm weather conjures some of life’s finest pleasures: the lively tunes of chirping birds, richly scented spring blooms, and more. With a personal backyard deck, you can enjoy all that Mother Nature offers from the comfort of your home. But would you prefer a space designed as a modern oasis or a rustic retreat? Custom building a deck empowers you

5 Decking Materials to Consider for Your Home

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A few decades ago, homeowners who wished to build a deck had only nature-made wood (though the numerous soft- and hardwood species provided variety). Yet the modern market has supplemented traditional wood with pressure-treated lumber, composite lumber, PVC, and more. This diversity of options raises a question though: which materials create the best deck types? Determining the answer requires taking

6 Composite Decking Design Ideas

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When nighttime temperatures dip below freezing and the winter drags on, many homeowners dream of warmer weather. Yet you can do more than dream—invest in an outdoor deck construction to make the most of those beautiful evenings on the horizon. Additionally, give yourself diverse design options (including single- and multi-width decking, deck board patterning, deck inlay design, and more) by

Creative Deck Ideas to Inspire Your Next Outdoor Project

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From boosting your property’s value to designating a space for relaxation, custom decking offers alluring benefits to homeowners. The creative control in such projects allows you to design a perfect space for the evenings you have in mind. Yet brainstorming from endless possibilities is easier said than done. Contact a reliable decking contractor for help sorting through inspirations—including textured materials,

How to Choose the Best Deck Type for Your Home

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We distinguish between deck types in several ways, including the material they’re built from, their design type, and their primary function. Yet the benchmark that matters most is how well a deck suits a homeowner’s property and lifestyle. Although the abundance of design options and details can be overwhelming, a professional deck installation company can help you determine what style

Unlock Your Home’s Potential With Custom Decking Solutions

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An aging deck tends to ruin the otherwise lovely view of a backyard landscape–it’s difficult not to notice worn decking and cracked rails. The good news is that an experienced decking contractor can help you restore its once-vibrant appearance and improve your backyard experience. Whether you want to spruce up your existing deck or design a new space from scratch,

Deck Design Ideas That Optimize Your Outdoor Space

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The addition of a wood deck can transform and elevate your backyard. These versatile outdoor features are easy home improvement projects with a high return on investment (ROI) and enhance your outdoor space. And through thoughtful design, your deck can evolve into a multi-functional space catering to your needs. Features such as seating, an outdoor kitchen, lighting, and privacy solutions

How Building a Deck Enhances Property Value

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In today’s housing market, decks are a prized commodity that provide easy access to fresh air, sunshine, and gathering space. Among home improvement projects, deck installation reigns as an easy yet impressive addition that improves homeowners’ life quality and property value. You’ll surely see a significant return on your investment by choosing durable materials, a functional design, and an appropriate

What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Deck Company

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A deck can provide a unique connection between the inside and outside of your home. It also extends your living space, giving you further room to enjoy and entertain in your home. However, hiring a decking contractor presents a significant, sometimes costly, and time-consuming investment that requires you to consider pricing, availability, and scheduling. Therefore, you must make an informed