How to Choose the Best Deck Type for Your Home

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We distinguish between deck types in several ways, including the material they’re built from, their design type, and their primary function. Yet the benchmark that matters most is how well a deck suits a homeowner’s property and lifestyle. Although the abundance of design options and details can be overwhelming, a professional deck installation company can help you determine what style works best and bring it to life.

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Below, we outline a few ways to distinguish between deck types and the circumstances those types suit best:

1. Construction Materials

A convenient starting point for differentiation, building materials will influence the deck’s cost and style, so homeowners must balance the up-front price with long-term value. Natural wood is the classic choice, as it exudes warmth and beauty. Cedar, redwood, and pressure-treated lumber are popular, but wood demands regular maintenance like staining and sealing.

Trex® composite planks are another popular option. Manufacturers produce composite planks from recycled materials, designing the planks to withstand outdoor elements and daily use. These decks resist fading, staining, and warping but carry a higher price tag than wood. Alternatively, vinyl decking entails even less maintenance than composite planks and comes in diverse colors and styles. However, they lack the aesthetic charm of wood or composite.

In determining a material for their deck construction, homeowners must weigh their price point against their time for maintenance tasks and their preferred style.

2. Deck Design

Depending on your property layout and project budget, you may place design concerns over building materials. Yet the variety of decking styles ensures an option exists to meet your needs. The most common is the attached deck, affixed to one or more sides of a house. This setup could work well for an outdoor kitchen space, as it offers room and convenience for grilling, dining, and lounging.

Folks looking for something different might like a detached (or platform) deck, a structure independent of the house ideal for soaking up the sun, stargazing, or enjoying some privacy. Homeowners who want to stick with an attached-style deck but need ample space can explore wraparound or multi-level decks, which add dimension and drama to your landscape.

Choosing among these options requires considering your deck’s functions and landscape’s capacity. Speak to our professional deck builders for guidance!

3. Further Metrics

While building materials and design styles are excellent ways to categorize deck types, other differentiators can help:

  • Function: Consider your primary use for your deck. If it’s an outdoor entertainment space, you’ll need ample room for guests to move around and sit. For a sunbathing spot, you must prioritize sun exposure and weather protection.
    Deck Installation Purcellville VA

  • Visual Style: If your house adheres to a particular architectural style—like Colonial, Craftsman, or Ranch—choose a deck material and design that complements that style. We recommend seeking inspiration through online portfolios, magazines, and showrooms to determine what resonates.

  • Permit and Code Requirements: Finally, municipal codes and permit requirements separate decks into categories of complexity and placement. Always check with your local governing boards and HOA, but attached decks usually require permits, safety inspections, and safety features. Detached decks often require no permit (though you should confirm this point for your locality before committing to a project!).

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