Everything You Need to Know About Fence Installation

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When homeowners decide to install a new fence, they want a long-term solution that performs well and looks good. Knowledge about the installation process and preparing for it can help them obtain that end more than anything else. Yet beyond choosing a reliable fencing company, the subsequent steps of a fence installation are a mystery to many. So, let’s clarify the commitment installing a fence requires, encompassing its pre-construction, construction, and post-construction phases. 

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Below, we discuss the fence installation process:


As the first phase, pre-construction entails an initial site visit to determine foundational design and layout concerns. These tasks include marking property and utility lines and discussing stylistic considerations. You can also speak to your fence builders about necessary permits.

Since permitting varies between states and municipalities, you may need to determine the regulations for your specific neighborhood and consult your contractor on how to obtain necessary fencing permits. You can also confirm design choices, such as fence material or style, during that initial visit. 


Fencing Company Ashburn VA

Once a construction plan solidifies after the site visit, your fence will begin coming together. Work with your fencing company to create an installation schedule, as they may need several hours or days to complete the project, depending on its size and complexity. Expect your contractor to dig post holes in your yard–installing posts is integral to the stability of your fencing system

Once the posts are secure, your fencing contractor will install all other components of your new fence. 


Even after your fence’s installation, a few tasks remain. Your property will probably need some post-construction cleaning, then you will have the opportunity to inspect your new fence. Afterward, you can have your fence stained or painted to your liking.

While construction has a definite end, fence maintenance and upkeep do not. You can keep your fence looking sharp with consistent cleaning, staining, and repairs. Since maintenance requirements vary, speak to your fencing contractor about what upkeep your fence will need. 

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